open up the doors falling into lines
we all look the same but you’re not my type 
open up the doors falling into lines
i dont look both ways i don’t see the signs

you think id notice that there seems to be a fatal trend 
my brothers have been falling off the deeper end 
and i think i might be going next

have you tried building up a ladder with a little wood 
knowing you don’t matter knowing if you could 
build a little better it’s still no good

and you die! 

I see beyond the glass
sitting on your arse chair
thinking there’s no way-e-ay-e-ay
this wouldn’t be fair

you think that you’re stuck
but you don’t give a fuck care 
have you ever tried-e-i-e-this
this digital nightmare

i call out
“brothers can you hear me my manifesto
following directions on a dodgy road 
how many more lime-haired funerals till we go?”

we could make it look like an accident 
who the hell would blame it on our sentience 
make him climb his own damn incomplete pixel road

watch him fall into that fiery lava hole
then go have a party without the threat of being killed

or being left 
or being falling off, getting stuck, going splat 
or being the only one to make it there